Standings Week 1

Platinum A
1Cleary TavernUnfinished Business13
23rd BaseDa Wops11
3Cleary TavernDankstrocity10
43rd BaseSwamp Donkeys8
5Twist of LimeC'MON MAN6
Unfinished Business13C'MON MAN6
Da Wops11Swamp Donkeys8
Gold B
1Twist of LimeShots13
23rd BaseHero To Zero11
3Uncle Joe'sOMW10
4The MillThe Bent Shafts8
Hero To Zero11The Bent Shafts8
Gold C
1Uncle Joe'sDie Whores11
2StepbrothersLoretta's Misfits10
3Big's Trudeau TavernReally J Lo!!!10
4KJ's PlaceCan't Stand Prosperity9
5BabylonDo You Quack Like A Duck?9
6Buffalo's BilliardsOpen Up Girl8
Loretta's Misfits10Do You Quack Like A Duck?9
Really J Lo!!!10Can't Stand Prosperity9
Open Up Girl8Die Whores11
Silver 1 D
1Critics ChoiceParabolic Curves11
2KJ's PlaceIt's In The Bag11
3Cleary TavernJust Show Up11
43rd BaseFree Agents8
5The Porthole$2 Fireballs8
$2 Fireballs8Just Show Up11
It's In The Bag11Hammatime8
Parabolic Curves11Free Agents8
Silver 1 E
1Smitty's After HoursKnights of the Crown Table15
23rd BaseShake N Bake14
3Chateau PubHappy Jack Hookers10
4Coach's CornerPoo-Shootas9
5RootbeersDart Hogs5
6Gennero's G-Spots4
Poo-Shootas9Happy Jack Hookers10
Shake N Bake14Dart Hogs5
G-Spots4Knights of the Crown Table15
Silver 1 F
2Perry's Nobodys12
3Vinnie's CaddyshackPink Dat!10
4ShenanigansMajor Hillerich and His Band of Misfits7
5Cleary TavernSnap, Crackle, and Pops7
Major Hillerich and His Band of Misfits7Spears-N-Beers12
Snap, Crackle, and Pops7Nobodys12
Pink Dat!10BYE
Silver 1 G
1Tavern on CitrusDart Daddies13
2BabylonBlack Flags11
3Pair of Dice#Mike10
4The TurtleCertified Puddytwats8
5Daiquiris & CreamsMeyham6
Dart Daddies13Meyham6
Black Flags11Certified Puddytwats8
Bronze 1 H
1Dolly's BarYager Bombers16
2Buffalo's BilliardsThe Unknowns16
3Pair of DiceIt's All Slop13
5Sports ClubDa Knightmares3
6Pair of DiceFind The Pink3
Da Knightmares3Yager Bombers16
Find The Pink3The Unknowns16
Blackout6It's All Slop13
Bronze 1 I
1RootbeersGrumpy Old Men17
2Sports BeatGet Bang'd Up!15
3Champions Beers Before Bullseye10
4The Blvd BarOne Dart9
5The Blvd BarDrink Til I Trip4
6The ClinicPacemakers2
Get Bang'd Up!15Drink Til I Trip4
Grumpy Old Men17Pacemakers2
One Dart9Beers Before Bullseye10
Bronze 1 J
13rd BaseThe Cricketeers15
2Joe's Caddy Corner6DiksInAchik11
3Cleary TavernIrreconcilable Differences10
4Twist of LimeThe Comebackables9
5Daiquiris & CreamsRedeyes8
6The CabinBlurred Vision4
The Comebackables9Irreconcilable Differences10
Blurred Vision4The Cricketeers15
Bronze 1 K
1Colby's CaféWe're Late15
2DBC Bar & GrillF*** the Neighbors14
3Vinnie's CaddyshackIt's In the Hole11
4DBC Bar & GrillMidnight Meat Train8
5Coach's CornerF*#kin tha Neighbors5
We're Late15SwampAholics4
Midnight Meat Train8It's In the Hole11
F*#kin tha Neighbors5F*** the Neighbors14
Bronze 2 L
1The Fox HouseH-Town Hitters15
2Players PubWrong FN Trip14
3Tavern on VetsA Couple of Us Suck10
4Tavern on VetsTeal Warriors9
5Pair of DiceWho We Playin?5
6Coach's CornerBeers B4 Bulls4
Wrong FN Trip14Who We Playin?5
H-Town Hitters15Beers B4 Bulls4
Teal Warriors9A Couple of Us Suck10
Bronze 2 M
17001 Sports BarJust the Tip16
2BabylonLast Minute13
3Cleary TavernThe Moose10
4Coach's CornerChuck Strong9
5The TurtleBanging Da Neighbor6
6Coach's CornerBlack Plague3
Black Plague3Just the Tip16
Banging Da Neighbor6Last Minute13
The Moose10Chuck Strong9
Bronze 2 N
1Riverside TavernShot Shooters18
2Colby's CocktailsYUUUUP!!!10
3Sports BeatPADAH10
4Colby's CocktailsSplit Beavers9
5Chateau PubJulie's Here???1
6Buoy's Sports BarNeighbors With Benefits0
Julie's Here???1Shot Shooters18
Split Beavers9YUUUUP!!!10
Neighbors With Benefits(F)0PADAH10