Platinum Stats

Team NameWeeks PlayedWinsLossesWin%
3rd Base I Don’t Care
Alvin Kost510471.4%
Terrell Thornton517868.0%
Kenric Thornton410662.5%
Blair Thornton514960.9%
Chase Stansbury58947.1%
Leslie Dominick
3rd Base It Be Like Dat Sometimes
Kyle Schexnaydre5151060.0%
Ricky Plauche56842.9%
Chase Leblanc581534.8%
Blake Schexnaydre571531.8%
Jimmy Crowley31614.3%
Troy Robert4040.0%
Chris Abney
The Stallion Bar Dart Guys
Louis Luna49950.0%
Steve Rainey35550.0%
Billy O'Connor45550.0%
Jeff Seube12340.0%
Roy Dominick 23537.5%
Chuckie Graf461135.3%
Johnny Vaccarella33730.0%
Kevin Schwab551229.4%
Twist of Lime C'Mon Man
Tomas Taylor38372.7%
Andy Guzman412763.2%
Bob Creel49852.9%
Ray Stokes37750.0%
Keith Savoie34544.4%
Jon Leggio34833.3%
Sean Edwards44930.8%
Dean Coleman
Cleary Tavern What's Our Name?
Jason Comardelle412285.7%
Ronnie Dalleo517481.0%
Steve Oxford518675.0%
Wade Breaux38466.7%
Jerry Gautreaux36366.7%
Nesa Comardelle45645.5%
Cleary Tavern Double Pink Single Stink
Buddy Brown48561.5%
Darren Piercey5101441.7%
David Rush471236.8%
Glenn Marquette471236.8%
Cody Pessillier22528.6%
Marc Parra431023.1%
Billy Pratt