Gold Stats

Team Name Weeks Played Wins Losses Win%
3rd Base Cum Git Sum
Harry Silva9171750.0%
Dudley Orgeron68850.0%
Keith Villafranco Jr.42250.0%
Ronnie Jenkins11142041.2%
Dewey Bruce75935.7%
Kent Deffenbaugh971433.3%
Brian Clesi851033.3%
Gabe Lebeau1182028.6%
Nick Iemmola41420.0%
3rd Base Hero to Zero
Kyle Schexnaydre10291172.5%
Blake Schexnaydre11211656.8%
Ricky Plauche9131056.5%
Chase Leblanc10151648.4%
Chris Abney53537.5%
Jimmy Crowley1081436.4%
Troy Robert90100.0%
3rd Base Projectile Dysfunction
Aric Aschenbrenner10231069.7%
Kevin Gregoire9141253.8%
Michelle Egly8121152.2%
Vincent Caruso11151648.4%
Alfred Kreppein11101343.5%
Jenny Taylor61516.7%
Adam Smalls3
The Stallion Bar Beever Eaters
Chuckie Graf820969.0%
Jeff Seube32166.7%
Steve Rainey917965.4%
Roy Dominick10141351.9%
Johnny Vaccarella11151648.4%
Louis Luna8101147.6%
Billy O'Connor95645.5%
Kevin Schwab1151623.8%
Cleary Tavern Double Pink Single Stink
Glenn Marquette923971.9%
Darren Piercey11281565.1%
Buddy Brown9121250.0%
Marc Parra11171848.6%
Billy Pratt86940.0%
David Rush881436.4%
Mike Sanders2
Critic's Choice Parabolic Curves
Eric Pennington10281762.2%
Kyle Hrubes410758.8%
Steve Tircuit9222052.4%
Dreux Morvant9212150.0%
Paul Olsen10192444.2%
James Broussard
Bullseye It's All Slop
Jimmy Jamison10222052.4%
Louis Ratcliff9152735.7%
Lawrence Leehans771531.8%
Dre Brue461331.6%
Ray Millet10132931.0%
Kevin Doyle732013.0%
Babylon Do You Quack Like A Duck?
Bob Rayno37277.8%
Lonnie Waguespack11351176.1%
Royce Johnson10261170.3%
Percy Trondsen49660.0%
Bobby Zigler9161159.3%
Jason Root10151157.7%
Robert Burke66650.0%
Ronnie Oursso10162143.2%
The Mill The Bent Shafts
Bobby Giles Jr.9301173.2%
Brandon Humphreys7241168.6%
Bob Giles Sr.8221166.7%
Ben Humphreys9181751.4%
Richie Everett591145.0%
Shayne Hymel22433.3%
Cleary Tavern Unstoppables
Chris Owen9261268.4%
Paul Miller8261366.7%
Anthony Ward9231757.5%
Romain Duronslet9182146.2%
Lester Heuschen51109.1%
JP Repath
Dolly's Can't Stand Prosperity
Chuck Engeron24266.7%
Tommy Serpas9221953.7%
Doobie Bonck8161650.0%
Ryan Mesman991932.1%
Zach Mesman1182325.8%
Tyler Mesman972224.1%
Jake Street1152317.9%
Craig Street91127.7%