Gold Stats

Team NameWeeks PlayedWinsLossesWin%
3rd Base Projectile Dysfunction
Aric Aschenbrenner519482.6%
Kevin Gregoire39469.2%
Alfred Kreppein513765.0%
Vincent Caruso44736.4%
Adam Smalls481044.4%
Michelle Egly12340.0%
Jenny Taylor21325.0%
The Mill The Bent Shafts
Bobby Giles Jr.516672.7%
Richie Everett517868.0%
Bob Giles Sr.511761.1%
Brandon Humphreys412860.0%
Ben Humphreys34544.4%
Shayne Hymel1020.0%
Babylon Do You Quack Like A Duck?
Arthur Leblanc415478.9%
Robert Burke33175.0%
Lonnie Waguespack47370.0%
Percy Tronsden412763.2%
Ronnie Oursso46460.0%
Royce Johnson34357.1%
Jason Root43442.9%
Hog Alley Is It In?
Blair Taranto411857.9%
Billy Coleman48850.0%
Carl Labit461233.3%
Sean Boudreaux32722.2%
Cody O'Neal331121.4%
Cleary Tavern Where's Mike?
Bobby Fried34544.4%
Rob Craig44736.4%
Barry Bairnsfather44833.3%
Brett Liness33633.3%
Mike Labat42722.2%
Greg Diettel4070.0%
Alexa Craig1