Standings Week 1

Platinum/Gold A/B
13rd BaseI Don't Care13
2Cleary TavernWhat's Our Name?11
3Cleary TavernDouble Pink Single Stink11
4Twist of LimeC'MON MAN8
5The Stallion BarDart Guys8
63rd BaseIt Be Like Dat Sometimes6
C'MON MAN8Double Pink Single Stink11
I Don't Care13It Be Like Dat Sometimes6
What's Our Name?11Dart Guys8
Gold C
13rd Base Projectile Dysfunction18
2BabylonDo You Quack Like a Duck?16
3The MillThe Bent Shafts15
4Hog AlleyIs It In?4
5Cleary TavernWhere's Mike?3
6Studio 2Parabolic Curves1
Do You Quack Like a Duck?16Where's Mike?3
Is It In?4The Bent Shafts15
Projectile Dysfunction18Parabolic Curves1
Silver D
13rd Rock Tavern 3rd Rock from the Sun18
23rd BaseRight Dere13
3Cleary TavernUnstopabulls 13
43rd BaseCum Git Sum6
53rd BaseFree Agents6
6Vinnie's Caddyshack#NUBNATION1
Unstopabulls 13Cum Git Sum6
#NUBNATION13rd Rock from the Sun18
Free Agents6Right Dere13
Silver E
1Brewsky'sWe're Trippin12
2Dolly's BarFuxwitit10
3Smitty's After HoursKnights of the Crown Table10
4Daiquiris & CreamsRedeyes9
5The Stallion BarNo Names9
6Tavern on CitrusHigh Shooters7
No Names9Fuxwitit10
Knights of the Crown Table10Redeyes9
We're Trippin12High Shooters7
Bronze 1 F
1Uncle Matt'sClassic Rewind13
2Trudeau Tavern W.T.F.13
3The Stallion BarWrong Side Da Wire13
4DBC Bar & GrillF*** the Neighbors6
5Brewsky'sSloppy Trips6
F*** the Neighbors6Wrong Side Da Wire13
Classic Rewind13Spears-N-Beers6
W.T.F.13Sloppy Trips6
Bronze 1 G
1King's CabaretCold As Ice16
2Out of Bounds Free Dart14
3Coach's CornerBeers B4 Bulls10
4Sports BeatPADAH9
5Tavern on Vets4Q25
6Twist of LimeThump F&#k3
4Q25Free Dart14
Cold As Ice16Thump F&#k3
PADAH9Beers B4 Bulls10
Bronze 1 H
1The CabinBlurred Vision13
2RootbeersTrash Darts13
3Tavern on VetsOperation Arc Light11
4The Marsh RoomLast Minute8
5Coach's CornerChuck Strong6
6Sports Club Daiq's Rejects6
Last Minute8Operation Arc Light11
Daiq's Rejects6Blurred Vision13
Chuck Strong6Trash Darts13
Bronze 1 I
13rd Base Wrecking Crew18
2Sports BeatGet Bang'd Up!11
3The TurtleButtery Starfish10
4Daiquiris & CreamsMash9
5Swamp Room7001 DYA8
Mash9Buttery Starfish10
Wrecking Crew18Blackout1
7001 DYA8Get Bang'd Up!11
Bronze 2 J
1Perry's Is It In?19
2Cleary TavernHorseshoes and Handgrenades10
3The Stallion Bar5 Nuts and a fill in 10
4Coach's CornerBlack Plague9
5DJ's HideawayLunchbox Mafia II0
Is It In?19Lunchbox Mafia II0
5 Nuts and a fill in 10Black Plague9
Horseshoes and Handgrenades10BYE
Bronze 2 K
1StepbrothersDew Darts17
23rd BaseWhere's My Darts15
3Cleary TavernBall Busters10
4Pour HouseInsane Dart Posse4
5Cleary TavernI Don't Know2
Dew Darts17I Don't Know2
Insane Dart Posse4Where's My Darts15
Ball Busters10BYE
Bronze 2 L
1Rudy's PubIf You're Not First You're Last13
2DJ's HideawayDJ's Misfits10
3Riverside TavernShot Shooters10
4Pour HouseCity Girls Lit9
5Colby's CocktailsF-Wads9
6Cleary TavernStars & Stripes6
DJ's Misfits10City Girls Lit9
If You're Not First You're Last13Stars & Stripes6
Shot Shooters10F-Wads9