Standings Week 7

Platinum A
13rd BaseDonkeys75
2Cleary TavernWhat's Our Name?74
33rd BaseCome on Breaux!!72
4Twist of LimeC'MON MAN47
53rd BaseProjectile Dysfunction30
Come on Breaux!!9What's Our Name?10
Projectile Dysfunction1C'MON MAN18
Gold B
1SidelinesDouble Pink Single Stink83
2C BeeversBeever Eaters64
33rd BaseHero to Zero61
4The MillThe Bent Shafts61
5BabylonDo You Quack Like a Duck?48
Do You Quack Like a Duck?7Beever Eaters12
Double Pink Single Stink11Hero to Zero8
The Bent Shafts10BYE
Gold C
13rd BaseCum Git Sum89
2Cleary TavernRonnie Cant Trick Us Anymore81
3Critics ChoiceParabolic Curves79
4Cleary TavernMetry Brah58
5Twist of LimeDartsiders48
6Trudeau TavernW.T.F.44
Cum Git Sum11Metry Brah8
Ronnie Cant Trick Us Anymore8W.T.F.11
Dartsiders8Parabolic Curves11
Silver D
1StepbrothersLoretta's Misfits80
2JB'sIs It In?78
3Dolly's BarCan't Stand Prosperity67
4Smitty's After HoursKnights of the Crown Table56
53rd BaseFree Agents55
Loretta's Misfits12Can't Stand Prosperity7
Is It In?12Free Agents7
Knights of the Crown Table10BYE
Silver E
1Pair of DiceIt's All Slop75
2Uncle Matt'sClassic Rewind71
33rd BaseRight Dere69
4C BeeversHow'd This Happen?63
5Chateau PubHappy Jack High Shooters58
How'd This Happen?11Happy Jack High Shooters8
Right Dere8It's All Slop11
Classic Rewind10BYE
Bronze 1 F
1The Marsh RoomRibbit80
27001 Sports BarOpen Up Girl78
3DBC Bar & GrillMidnight Meat Train69
4RootbeersGrumpy Old Men68
5JB'sF*** the Neighbors60
Grumpy Old Men13Kwitchabichen6
Open Up Girl9F*** the Neighbors10
Ribbit13Midnight Meat Train6
Bronze 1 G
1Daiquiris & CreamsRedeyes88
2Brewsky'sWe're Trippin82
4ShenanigansThe Unknowns64
5Sports BeatGet Bang'd Up!51
6ShenanigansIs It My Turn?50
Spears-N-Beers9We're Trippin10
The Unknowns13Get Bang'd Up!6
Redeyes11Is It My Turn?8
Bronze 1 H
1Twist of LimeThump F&#k91
2The TurtleTurtle Squirts67
3Daiquiris & CreamsOld As F***63
4Vinnie's Caddyshack#NUBNATION63
5Out of BoundsFree Darts61
Thump F&#k16Free Darts3
Turtle Squirts8Old As F***11
Bronze 1 I
1Tavern on VetsTeal Warriors84
2Coach's CornerChuck Strong82
3The CabinBlurred Vision67
43rd BaseWrecking Crew62
5The Marsh RoomLast Minute56
6Cleary Tavern2 Darts 1 Hole48
Blurred Vision7Teal Warriors12
2 Darts 1 Hole7Wrecking Crew12
Chuck Strong15Last Minute4
Bronze 2 J
1Coach's CornerBeers B4 Bulls95
2Swamp RoomStraight Outta Da Swamp77
3Sports BeatPADAH61
4Twist of LimeDeaf Skulls60
5Riverside TavernShot Shooters53
6C BeeversDem Dam Beevers53
PADAH12Deaf Skulls7
Dem Dam Beevers8Beers B4 Bulls11
Shot Shooters5Straight Outta Da Swamp14
Bronze 2 K
1Tavern on VetsA Couple of Us Suck91
2Trudeau TavernBeer Before Bullseyes76
3Pair of DiceDiane's Favorites57
4Colby's CocktailsThe Degenerates56
5StepbrothersDew Darts56
Beer Before Bullseyes18The Degenerates1
Diane's Favorites12Dew Darts7
A Couple of Us Suck10BYE
Bronze 2 L
1Pour HouseBanging the Neighbor82
2Coach's CornerBlack Plague73
3Pour HouseOn the Rail69
4Cleary TavernStars & Stripes58
5DJ's HideawayCool Kids54
On the Rail3Banging the Neighbor16
Stars & Stripes10Cool Kids9
Black Plague10BYE