ATTENTION All Bud light Fun Dart League St Bernard and Jefferson parish members. In addition ALL NEW PLAYERS AND TEAMS ALSO WELCOME. It’s time to turn rosters in.. We have a target start date week of March 22nd. This is tentative because the new mandates will be announced on Wednesday. But based on all the new data it appears as though restrictions are going to be lightened up. We are not prepared to make administrative decisions until we get the responses of how many teams are returning so we can decide whether to pick up where we left off or almost probably begin new seasons except for the teams that were in the playoffs on Tuesday jeff parish Please verify with your bar owner/manager that they will be prepared to open and follow all mandated rules on March 22 You welcome to FAX the roster to 504-273-4350 ???or email to…NEW PLAYERS OR PLAYERS NEEDING A TEAM PLEASE TEXT ME 504-250-3946 We will give another update next Friday after the mandate is announced along with seeing what type of participation we will have for the upcoming season.