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Rules and Regulations

  1. Format 4 games- singles cricket
                            2 games- doubles cricket
                            4 games-singles cricket

                         2 games-doubles cricket

FINAL GAME- 3 man (Super Cricket)  Each player is only eligible to play 1 game in each event.  PLAYOFFS ONLY-If tied 7-7,  no need to play the last doubles game, go straight to Super Cricket, unless both captains agree to play.

​2.  Line ups  Line ups will be done verbally with visiting team declaring first player of the night for the first singles cricket game.  Home team will match player then home team will declare player first for the second cricket game upon completion of the first game.  Remainder of the games will alternate for the remainder of the night.   At both captains discretion, the line ups may be done blindly as an alternative to the verbal lineup.  If either captain objects, the verbal lineup is the rule.

  1. Emergency players A team which has 3 or less roster players to begin the night may pick up players to fill in, no roster dues will be due. Emergency players will only be eligible until a 4th roster player shows up.  Emergency player must finish game that has already begun.  If there are 3 team members present the emergency player is not eligible for the 3 man game.  Emergency player cannot be a current Thursday FDL member.  Any current Tuesday night player cannot substitute for a lower division.  This rule is designed to help prevent forfeits and not to gain a competitive advantage.  Abuse will not be tolerated.  Emergency players cannot be used the last 2 weeks of the season or during playoffs.    Mark these players with (EP) behind their name.  Any emergency player that has played in a higher division the previous calendar year must be approved prior to the game.
  2. League Requirements The FDL welcomes all players.  League members must adhere to all home team establishment age and patron rules.  These supersede all FDL membership rules.  League is played on Thursday night, 7:30PM start.  First match must be declared by 7:45PM, any delay or postponements must be approved by both captains and the league must be notified.  Home teams provide first scorekeeper and will rotate in all remaining matches.  Teams will have up to 5 minutes from completion of match to declare the next player.  Nine practice darts are allowed prior to the start of each game.  A player has one minute to get to the oche after the other player has pulled their darts, and one minute to complete his turn.  One warning is allowed, after that, remaining darts will not be allowed to be thrown.  A player will be allowed one time out per game for a length of time not to exceed 5 minutes for emergency, restroom or strategy discussion.  Stalling tactics will not be allowed.  A foot foul will be allowed one warning.  Second foul, darts will not count. 
  3. Team Requirements A team must consist of 4-10 players.  Players may be added through week 10, this includes pre-paid spots.  All added players must pay league dues.  Once a player participates in a game, his/her dues are not transferable to another player. Open roster spots at the end of the season are non-refundable and not transferrable.  Add on players that are dropping divisions must be approved by the FDL prior to participation, common sense will apply.  Players must have 20 or more games played or 8 weeks of at least one game played in order to qualify for the playoffs.  ADD-ON PLAYERS DUES MUST BE PAYED THE NIGHT THEY ARE ADDED OR THEIR POINTS WILL NOT COUNT.
  4. Team Placement Factors used:  1. Previous season results – example cup winning team moves up a division, not a letter.  2. Team history – example team takes first place back to back seasons will be moved up considerably.  Factors that are not considered:  1. Division an individual plays in on opposite nights-example a silver team on Tuesday may be comprised of 2 gold players, 2 silver players and 2 bronze players.  As a whole, they are a silver team even though there are 2 gold players on the team.  Adjustments are made season to season
  5. Coaching Coaching is allowed, only if requested, by anyone, even the scorekeeper, but only during their team players turn.  Please do not coach while the opponent is shooting.  FDL is designed to grow darts.   A player may approach the board during his turn but may not touch a dart already in the board.  Once a player begins his shooting motion, the throw will count even if the dart slips out and does not hit the board.   Players are not allowed to throw out of turn. 
  6. Forfeits Please note:  A team can play with only 2 players(They actually can score 11 points).  A team that forfeits twice or in the final 2 weeks of the season are subject to not be allowed back the following season.  A team who forfeits two times during the last five weeks of the season may not be allowed to play the remainder of the season.  All scores against any forfeiting team for the last five weeks of the season will be treated as a bye(10 points) or the average of the last two times the teams played, whichever is higher.  (Emergency exceptions will be allowed.)   If a game begins and a team forfeits at any point of the match, all remaining points go to the opposing team. 
  7. Tie breakers Tie breaker for playoff positions will be determined by head to head points of games played against each other in the regular season.  If still tied, head to head total points against the remaining highest seed. 
  8. Playoff home field advantage This will be determined by highest finish with in division.  If two teams with equal seeding face each other, the team in the higher division will be the home team.  City championship home field advantage will go to highest placed team. 
  9. Scorekeeper rules Scorekeeper must sit or stand still, facing board, when players are at the oche.  No leaning, smoking, cell phones, head gestures or hand movements are allowed while a player is shooting.  If both captains agree, smoking is allowed for the scorekeeper.
  10. Rule disputes Any dispute between teams not covered by above rules will be settled by league chairman Ronnie Dalleo 504-250-3946. 
  11. 11PM If 2 teams have multiple games left to play by 11PM they may chose to play multiple games at the same time using more than one dart board.
  12. FDL mission statement FDL is designed to promote darts, build new players and improve existing players all within a fun competitive atmosphere.
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