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Fun Dart League Thursday Night Cricket League

League News: I am missing week 8 scorecard for Studio 2 Ruthless vs Who Dat Nation.  Please turn in your scorecards.

The Pelican Team is now playing out of Stepbrothers.

Pub Zero’s team is moving to Southshore Tavern

All Cheers teams are relocating to Revival Bar and Grill 4612 Quincy St.

FINAL NOTICE:  The following players were added and if dues are not received 03/26/15 their points will be deducted.

Kyle Prowell Sports Club Prowledeaux
Palmer Richard 3rd Base What’s that Smell?
Justin Montamat Sierra’s Hideaway Kim’s Misfits
Jared Giangrosso Studio 2 Ruthless
Mickey Tassin Replay Instant Replay
Doyle Cooper Bugsy’s Hideaway The Bugs
Blake Hinds DBC Bar and Grill Angry Pirates


We will begin deducting 2 points from the teams total score if your scorecard is not filled out completely.  This includes wins and losses.

Dart Tournaments

3rd Base Sports Bar
Saturday Night Blind Draw Doubles
Sign ups 8:30pm
$11 entry fee $4 optional side pots bar adds money to pot
ALL players welcome
Colby’s Cocktails
Sunday Blind Draw Doubles
Sign ups at 3:00pm Tournament starts at 4:00pm
$5 entry fee $1 high out bar matches the pot

We want to say thank you very much to Platinum Computer Solutions for our new and improved website.

If you have any questions please contact Ronnie Dalleo 504-250-3946.

Whether you are a professional dart player or finding a new hobby, FDL is the place for you. WELCOME to our site, check out our rules, regulations, news and flyers……

GIVING BACK TO THE PLAYERS: Every captain’s meeting will be followed by a free, for all members, blind draw $500 payout tournament.

Competitiveness: Line ups for matches will be done verbally with teams rotating which team declares first (like the pool leagues do). Trailing teams chooses the game of the night (Super Cricket) Emergency Player Availability- a team that is short players may use an individual to fill in until a 4th player from the roster. Emergency player can not be used during last 2 weeks of regular season or playoffs.